Fracserve has over twenty years experience in inspection and certification of wireline and Frac Iron. As the owner of Fracserve, I have experience with setting up a recertification program for Schlumberger wireline in Canada. Advancement continued as an Inspector/Quality Control Technician at SPM Flow Control repair center. Worked in the field as an inspector for RD Inspection, and examining Frac Iron, to certify picker cranes and downhole tools. As well, I Started up Kemper Valve, Inspection & Repair Facility, as Service Manager.

Asset Management

Tracking and inspection of flowline equipment used in high-pressure pumping services is a major under taking. Fracserve Asset Management is a program which specifically tracks and maintains a real time tracking of equipment per unit, location or as a whole. The customer knows the exact location and condition of the equipment at all times. By identifying equipment usage patterns, and inspection intervals, customers can better plan and budget for replacement equipment. Fracserve Asset Management program can increase equipment utilization while reducing total costs and safety concerns.

Frac Iron Inspection

Fracserve Inspection service is a comprehensive program with qualified personnel. We can provide inspections services at your shop branch or on the job location. With Mobile Inspection, your down time is limited to just inspections, so your unit is back on the road and making money which is your best bottom line.  Inspections are generally carried out once a year on Coil tubing, COand N2 . Some companies have switched to every six (6) months for fluid fracturing iron and manifold trailers.

FracServe provides three basic levels of inspections. We also provide inspections tailored to customers needs. A brief summary is listed below.

Level 1 Inspection Ė Visual Inspection, Ultrasonic Wall Thickness, Take Wings Off, Clean Wing End & Thread End, Magnetic Particle Inspection & Band.

Level 2 Inspection - Visual Inspection, Ultrasonic Wall Thickness, Take Wings Off, Sandblast, Magnetic Particle Inspection, Band, Pressure Test & Paint.

Level 3 Inspection - Visual Inspection, Ultrasonic Wall Thickness, Take Wings Off, Sandblast, Disassemble Completely, Magnetic Particle Inspection, Band, Re-assemble, Pressure Test & Paint.

Comprehensive Inspection Services


A complete visual of the inside bores of all flowline equipment; all end connections, seal surfaces, and other surfaces for wear and damage. All female ends will be thread gauged for wear and proper thread pitch.

Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Measurements

Wall thickness measurements are taken at multiple locations on each piece of equipment to check for erosion and to verify acceptable minimum wall thickness. Capabilities include data collection and downloading directly to the Asset Database.

Magnetic Particle

Magnetic Particle test is performed by electrically inducing a magnetic field in a component and than applying particles in a dry or wet format. The magnetic field causes the particles to align over the surface of the component along the lines of magnetism. Any indications of cracks will show as a fine line (also as a break in the magnetic field). All MPI inspection is done with a CGSB Inspectors.

Identification and Banding

All equipment will be identified with stainless steel bands with Serial Number, Manufacture, Pressure Rating and inspected date. Also unit and location date can be applied on the band. Integral also body stampís the serial number and manufacturer into the body of the component (if not done by the manufacturer already) in case of losing the Asset Band.

New Equipment

As stated in the identification and banding paragraph, Fracserve can also apply bands to new iron before being put into service. Also Starting October 2006, Fracserve will be providing customers with an option to use low frequency Radio I.D. Tags to track all Frac Iron and works with Fracserves database.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) works on the basis of radio-frequency communication between an RFID Tag and RFID Reader. RFID Tags come in two varieties: Passive tags derive power from the reader itself, while Active tags carry their own, often replaceable, battery. Active tags are significantly more expensive, but have a much longer read-range than Passive tags.

Inspection Reports

Fracserve uses our own software, it provides paper and/or CD - Rom reports on location. These reports are filled with such information as:

  • Date
  • Location
  • Unit
  • Inspectors
  • Equipment and Calibrations
  • Type of Equipment Inspected
  • Serial Number
  • Visual Inspection
  • Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Information
  • Magnetic Particle Information
  • Recommendations for Repairs or Rejected Equipment

With all the information added to the Asset Tracking website the next day, you can view your Inspections from the Office or out in the field from Fracserves website.

Pressure Testing

Fracserve Provides Full Pressure Testing Of All Frac Iron, Wireline Lubricators & BOPís. Pressure Capabilities Up to 30,000 PSI In A Fully Enclosed Pressure Test Booth.

Additional Services

Complete Rebuilding Of All Frac Iron From Plug Valves, Check Valves & Swivels(Chiksans). Also, Fracserve provides painting to a list of services we provide.

Fracserve also provides complete inspections on your downhole tools, BOPís and lubricators.

If demand warrants, Fracserve will provide a complete mobile Inspection and repair trailer providing additional services such as pressure testing and repair of swivels, check valves and plug valves.

Fracserve is flexible to provide all your inspection needs, whatever, wherever they are needed. At a price that will be extremely competitive to what you are being charged now and under all one roof.

Fracserve Is Fully Insured to $2.000.000, WCB, Canadian Goverment Certified Inspectors

For More information, contact Shaun Teierle

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